Industrial Packaging

WP Innova offers a wide assortment of packaging and equipment options designed to meet the product and pallet wrapping needs of manufacturers and transportation companies. Fuelled by technology and material science, we are dedicated to reinventing and thinking differently.   

Featured Product

Pre-Stretched Coreless Banding Film

We combined the properties of pre-stretched film with the benefits of coreless film to create an innovation that is ideal for the environmentally minded and cost-conscious consumer. It provides the same or better load stability and load containment, with significantly less film by weight when compared to conventional banding film products.

Specialty Film

We continue to develop state-of-the-art specialty film to meet the changing needs of our customers. We recommend film based on your unique needs, source hard-to-get products and develop custom solutions if required.

Banding Film

HANDYWRAP is Canada’s market leader in banding and bundling film, with the broadest selection of format and colours including cored, coreless and new pre-stretched.

Niche Film

Choose from a variety of films with unique properties and film enhancements including Forest Guard™ seedling wrap, VCI, anti-static, UV inhibitor, UV blocker and a wide selection of cling and slip options.

Printed Film

Promote your message or your brand with up to 4-colour printing and graphics.  A highly visible, low cost form of advertising that significantly improves load appearance.

Coloured Film

Choose from the broadest selection of colours in your choice of opaque or tinted films to prevent pilferage and tampering or colour-code product or loads for easy identification.

Innovation at Work


A grocery retail chain was experiencing high levels of damaged product due to poor load containment because of inconsistent and poor manual pallet wrapping technique.


We introduced them to the ergonomic PrecisionrapXL® hand wrapping system.


A significant improvement in the load containment of manually wrapped pallets as well as a reduction in damage stemming from poorly wrapped loads. 

Off-the-shelf Film

With hundreds of SKUs, we offer the largest selection of film packaging and an unmatched ability to meet your needs.


Automatic and semi-automatic machines for more efficient operations.

Machine Film

Choose from the largest selection of machine film in the industry. We offer a variety of order quantities at competitive prices; we can help you choose the product that’s just right for your application.

Hand Film

No one can rival our selection of hand film. Choose from a broad range of products to meet your needs at competitive prices.


Automatic and semi-automatic machines for more efficient operations.

Pallet Wrap Machines

Transition to machine wrap with ease.

Evolution™ is a line of durable automatic and semi-automatic machines designed for operations that are transitioning from hand-held to machine wrapping. Take advantage of our free machine offer with the purchase of 5 pallets of film.

A specially engineered stretch film with holes that allow heat and moisture to escape and air to circulate around your valued products. Products arrive at their destination secure and well contained. 100% recyclable.
The one and only, ultra-strong, stretchable reinforced metal wrap. Keeps corrosion out and metal protected to its final destination.
The convenient handheld pallet wrapping system that gives you consistent load containment, time and materials savings, while protecting your staff from injury.